Welcome to the CatCrazy Store for Crazy Good Cat Food

Welcome to the CatCrazy Store for Crazy Good Cat Food

I’m obsessed with cats. Five years ago I poured that obsession into the CatCrazy Channel on YouTube. It’s been an amazing and insightful journey, and the best part has been getting to know so many people in the cat community. From cat parents to veterinarians to shelter workers and breeders, I have loved hearing about you and your cats! Your stories, combined with my own experience, have inspired me to launch the CatCrazy Store for crazy good cat food. 

A few years ago there were major pet food recalls, mostly concerning dogs. It seemed that no one was even mentioning the cats who suffered, but my experience taught me cats were affected, too. Around the same time, my one-year-old cat Chopin and his mom Wazoo passed away from tainted treats. I sent samples of the treats to a lab in Seattle and learned that they had traces of a cheap preservative that cats cannot handle (while dogs can tolerate it, even though it’s not healthy for dogs either). This broke my heart. The grief of losing a loved one is almost unbearable, and this haunted me because it felt so avoidable. As I grew the CatCrazy Channel, I heard similar tragic stories from our community.  

I became consumed with learning about the best foods to feed cats and what to avoid. What I discovered was that it’s hard—like really, really hard to find high-quality, safe, and nutritious cat food. Big companies might prioritize broad strategies and global goals, which can mean overlooking the individual needs of smaller communities. Many brands use fillers and preservatives and unrecognizable, unpronounceable ingredients. And then there’s always a new fad, but cats are obligate carnivores and require a meaty diet—not trendy vegan food, and definitely not bugs. Shopping through the available options left me feeling uneasy, so I started making my own cat food at home. It’s a lot of work, and while it’s worth it (they finish their food and there’s less vomiting!), I realized there was an opportunity to help others while helping my own feline family by introducing something truly good to the market for cat parents to rely on. 

This is a big mission, and I can’t do it alone. I’ve been assembling a team of expert cat lovers and feline taste testers (and of course there’s C.C.). Together, we’re relentlessly committed to giving our community food they can feel confident feeding to the cats they adore. Our homemade recipes will be crafted with 100% human-grade fresh ingredients, herbs, and supplements. They’re delicious and support every aspect of a cat’s well-being because they contain ingredients a cat’s body demands. 

Helping more cat parents find food they can trust feels like a way to honor Chopin and Wazoo and all of our beloved cats. I’ve always thought of it as a privilege to protect and provide for the animals in my life, and I know so many of you feel the same. I don’t want any other well-intentioned and devoted cat parent to feel the grief of inadvertently feeding something harmful to their furbabies. 

Cats are awesome. They’re brilliant, silly, spicy, flighty, shy, social, loving, aloof, playful, acrobatic, sweet, countertop-loving little souls. Let’s feed these precious furballs something good. 

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